The feather motif items are always popular. What I will introduce this time is a blade made using a masking tape. Because I use masking tape, I can make feathers of my favorite pattern freely. In addition, I also mention a little arrangement ideas, so please try to reference it!

image by PIXTA / 19086341

Why don’t you use masking tape to handcraft popular feather motif items? It is very easy to make nice feathers.
The feathers made can be incorporated into the interior and used as accessory parts.

Then we will introduce you how to make it!

First, prepare the ingredients.
All you need is a masking tape and a wire for the pattern you want to make.

There is no problem even if the pattern does not seem to match the feathers, so make sure to use the masking tape you really like.
You may also want to use a wide masking tape if you want to make larger feathers.

Imagine the size of the feather you want to make.
And cut the masking tape to the double length.
The masking tape is usually broken by hand, but use scissors to make it clean.

Then stick the wire to the center of the cut masking tape.

This wire becomes the core of the blade.
Make sure to hold it with a masking tape, fold it, and firmly bond it so that it does not slip.

If you feel the wire is too long at this point, it is good to cut it to a suitable length.
Be careful not to get injured when cutting wires.

# 4 Cut into the shape of your favorite feather

At this stage, I think that the masking tape is in a square shape, but let’s cut it into the shape of a blade.
It is easy to understand if it is the same as this image, but of course you can do it in your own favorite form.

At this time, you need to be careful not to cut the wire accidentally.

# 5 Let’s cut with thin scissors

Once in the shape of the feathers, this time we will make small cuts with scissors to express the hair part.
Let’s be careful not to cut off by mistake.

It will be a perennial work, but if you can make it small here, you can finish it like a feather, so let’s do it!

# 6 Let’s bend the wire after cutting everything

Finally, let’s bend the wire a little bit if you can make the cut for making the hair part clean.
Don’t you think it’s more like a real feather?

The masking tape blade is now complete!

It is finished with a pretty pattern that can not be seen with a real feather.
Let’s incorporate it into the interior and fashion

Arrange idea 1 devise the installation position of the wire!

It will be easier to shape and make it easier to make the shape by passing the wire to the tip of the blade, but like the masking tape blade in the picture, why not try to put the wire in the tip part?

If you put scissors in the tip of the feather, it will look more real, and it will be nice just because it has a soft atmosphere.

Arrange idea 2 Try to use Mizuhiki instead of wire!

If you want to use the completed feather as an accessory part, it is better to use a wire, but if you want to make it for decoration, it may be a good idea to use a water hose instead of a wire.
It is OK to use what is sold at 100 yen shop!

It looks like you can make colorful masking tape feathers perfect for decoration feathers!

This picture is a feather that combines green mizuhiki with blue masking tape.
Such a shape is also very cute!

However, it is not possible to express a sharp curve line like a wire when using the water hose, so it may be better to use a wire if you want to bend it freely.
Depending on what you want to use the completed feathers, let’s use different wires and water.

Arrange Idea 3 Dare to make a little missing part!

If you want more reality, it is also recommended that you do not overly clean.
If you dare to cut a part of the hair and make a gap, you will end up with a masking tape blade that tastes like this.

If you are pursuing reality, you should observe the real feathers carefully.

Create your own feather with your favorite masking tape!

We sent information about “Masking tape feather” handmade by masking tape this time.
Because this feather can be a very colorful coloring, in addition to incorporating it into the interior and accessories, put it on the wrapping decoration and decoration material!

It is very easy to do, so please make lots of it!

Gene Robertson

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