The fury that rode at the moment on the net is the SQUISHY!

  • But what is it?

These are small spongy objects, keychains to evacuate your stress.

Stress, everyone knows that! In particular we women … It haunts you during exams or competitions, it is everywhere and at any time of the day!

Nothing better than a beautiful SQUISHY to make his anxieties disappear!

He will accompany you anywhere and will calm you down.

Just manipulate it and that will keep your day going!

Avoid twisting in all directions or your squishy may be cracked! Do not worry your squishy will always resume its original form!

For my part, I tested several and I find this context absolutely great! That’s why I decided to pick you a few!

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First of all direction the small grocery store who I admit it is one of my favorite sites! 🙂

1 / The squishy cute penguin anti-stress.

Article blog squishy
Squishy penguin

Length: 10 cm

Width: 9 cm

Height: 8 cm

My blogger’s opinion: I just fell for this adorable penguin, if you like to handle large objects and it impregnates you all the hand is the SQUISHY you need! In addition it will make a beautiful decoration in your home while having its utility!

Small flat: you will not be able to bring this large enough object to your work, for my part I prefer to leave it at home.

2 / The mini SQUISHY seal anti-stress.

article blog squishy
Squishy mini seal

Length: 6 cm

Diameter: 3 cm

My blogger’s opinion: Nothing is more cute than a baby seal hanging on your cell phone!

Indeed, you can easily fix it on your phone, a computer screen or a glass! This time, opportunity to win during your exams or at work!

We take pleasure in caressing and playing with her small belly while paunchy!

Small flat: this squishy is easily lost and stalls without difficulty from your laptop. I almost lost him watch your little animal!

3 / The very big SQUISHY ice kawaii anti-stress.

article blog squishy
Squishy glace kawaii

Length: 22 cm

Diameter: 11.5 cm

My personal opinion: even if I place this SQUISHY in the top 3, I literally melt in front of the SQUISHY ice kawaii! For all girls who love sweet sweet p’tites and other pastries, this is the SQUISHY YOU NEED!

I guarantee you that at the end of this article, you will fall for one of these squishy!

And yes! These are the risks of following my blog!

Let’s talk about this ice squishy. Perfect for your home, you will take pleasure in hugging him, anti-stress guaranteed!

Small flat: quite imposing, it is not the ideal at work. I also find that it is quite difficult to mix (I prefer to handle smaller squishy).

4 / The mini squishy cloud kawaii anti-stress.

article young blogger
Squishy cloud kawaii

Length: 6 cm

Diameter: 3 cm

My blogger’s opinion: always the same, this squishy clings to your smartphone and other electronic objects. Kawaii clouds are particularly fashionable these days (in the night, cushions, carpets etc …) It does not take much space and decorate ideally your phone. It adds a little girly touch!

Small flat: the little cloud crumbles and falls quickly, so be careful of the location of your mobile in your bag.It gets dirty quickly, for this a brief shot of soap and voila!

5 / The squishy cream cup kawaii.

article squishy
Squishy tasse

Length: 11 cm

Width: 7 cm

Want a coffee break? No problem! The squishy simulation cup is for you!

Nothing more girly than this squishy. It makes me very often think of a StarbuckCoffee.

My blogger’s opinion: I love this squishy he reminds me of my trip to the United States! In addition it is very pleasant to knead, usually the big ones are not!

Personally, it sits right now in my kitchen!

Small flat: as always ideal for decorating your home but unfortunately inconvenience in your bag or work (you may get it stolen)!

6 / The squishy kawaii milk brick.

article about squishy
Squishy milk brick

Size: 6X6 cm

Height: 12 cm

Complicated not to fall for this adorable milk brick! Too cute and not at all imposing, it is very pleasant and pleasant to caress and knead during a meeting at the doctor or during exams!

I did not buy this squishy but one of my girlfriends yes!

Here is his opinion:

I take this squishy everywhere in high school. I love his side girly and so cute! Very useful when checking math !!!

Small flat: this squishy being white gets dirty quickly, difficult to wear as a keychain but still very relaxing and soothing!

7 / The squishy brioche or slices of bread.

blog squishy
Squishy slices of bread

Length: 8 cm

Width: 6 cm

Height: 8 cm

Good I know, I’m very trendy squishy pastry theme, but it’s so cute !!!!

The squishy slices of bread is just chewable (well that’s what I often say) …

Let’s move to my expert opinion!

My blogger’s opinion: squishy brioche is part of my prefs, thanks to its dual utility!

It can be used both as anti-stress but also as a card holder or paper holder.

The incision between the various slices makes it possible to slip in all sorts of things!

Ideal for a little storage that would not hurt!

Small flat: it is a very fragile squishy so keep it warm at home and avoid carrying it everywhere!

8/ Le squishy DONUT kawaii.

article squishy
Squishy donut

Diameter: 11 cm

I finish this top with the squishy donut, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, easy to feel.

Several colors are available at Amazon (personal I cracked for blue).

The smile of this donut kawaii will certainly make you hungry, but will cheer your day for sure!

Small flat: the squishy donut crumbles, it comes in a very very big kit, attention for high school girls like me, the teachers may confiscate you and it’s still!

This top 8 ends here,

I hope you liked it!

Do not do too much compulsive shopping huh!

I planned to do an article on the night lights soon!

Feel free to ask questions or comment on the article, and to suggest post ideas!

I make you big kisses netizens!

Gene Robertson

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