The package of the cute look “Rilakkuma odonto set” has been renewed!
It is a cute springy design that makes you want to go on a picnic.
As recommended cooking suggestion is listed, please check it by all means

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For the new semester or a picnic!

Also for lunch plates and noodles. It is delicious and healthy because it is made of fish fillets.

“Rilakkuma Ototou Set” is a simple and easy-to-use coloring of your regular rice.
As it is easy to use individually wrapped, please try it for various dishes!

Kenkaku Kamabo Rilakkuma Ototou set
6 pieces (3 species × 2 pieces) Rilakkuma Kamaboko 2 pieces, Kori Rakkuma Kamaboko 2 pieces, Kiiroi Tori Kamaboko 2 pieces
Price: 230 yen (excluding tax)
Sales: mass retailers, supermarkets
Specifically, please see this Rilakkuma Ototo set information page

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