Do you not just throw away empty bottles such as jams, sweets and drinks? Uniquely shaped empty bottles are remodeled into a stylish interior with easy remakes. Not only as a convenient bottle for storing small items and food, etc., it is also possible to make it as an object with just a hand.

So this time,

  • Basic fashionable remake of empty bottles
  • Fashionable use of the bottle
  • Recommended fashionable bottles on the market

We summarized about. Please refer to the creation of a stylish interior utilizing empty bottles.

There are simple remakes of empty bottles that can be done easily even by people who do not like to work well and do not want to spend time on remakes. Here are three ways to become a basic remake technique.

Easy remake technique to put a label

Transparent empty bottles are also simple and nice, but just put a label sticker in English like this and it turns into a nice interior.
Label stickers can be purchased at a 100-yen shop, so costs are minimal. Transparent bins can be used to reflect what you put in, so make sure you like the color you like and apply gradation to it.

Arrange to wind a rope

It becomes fashionable so far by the arrangement which only wraps a string around a transparent bottle. Here is a pretty finish while involving the artificial flower in the string.

Because you can enjoy even the texture and color of the string only, let’s devise the material and thickness of the string. It will be beautiful even if you mix multiple colored strings.

Painterly makeup

If you make a painterly, you can unify the color you like regardless of the color of the empty bottle. It is also recommended as an object because it can be produced as a taste of the shape of the bottle itself.

As paint can also give the texture of pottery and lacquerware, you can simply decorate it. It can also be used as a vase or a fashionable storage.

It is wasteful to just throw away empty bottles after using up food, beverages, cosmetics and so on. You can easily make stylish empty bottle remakes by adding a little arrangement. Here are some examples of how to use stylish empty bottles.

Cactus pot

Empty bottles can also be used as pots for plants that do not require frequent soil replacement and watering. Since color bottles do not show the color of plants, it is only necessary to put a seal or a label on a transparent bottle and remake it.

If you attach a handle or string to the bottle, you can enjoy it as a completely new object. The cactus with a strong presence is completely compatible with the bottle even if it is small.

A vase of wildflowers

Some transparent empty bottles have not only complicated shapes but also stylish ones with decoration. You can use the original beauty of the bottle as a vase.

The clear grass and the wild grass that shines in the bottle will soothe and heal your heart. You will be able to produce a rustic and lovely vase without having to buy flowers at the florist shop.

Kimchi container

Empty bottles tend to collect at home, such as jams, seasonings, and friends of rice. There is also a method of accumulating such an empty bottle and using it as a container for handmade kimchi. Empty bottles that can be sealed with a lid are ideal for preventing food deterioration and storing.

Moreover, since there is no smell transfer, I do not care even if the smell is strong like kimchi. You can make kimchi and give it to a friend as it is.

Indirect lighting

Stylish whiskey and other liquor bottles are perfect for making stylish remakes. Simply insert the LED light into the bottle to complete the original indirect lighting. The light that shines through the glass creates a very gentle and unique atmosphere.

It is recommended not only indoors but also outdoors. You will be able to produce fantastic light different from lamps and lanterns.

Homemade soy sauce

It is also recommended to reuse empty bottles and use them for seasoning. It looks beautiful when arranged with colorful oil like soy sauce. It will be fun to arrange various things in the same size and arrange like an object.

Sweets container

The unique bottle of olive oil is transformed into a stylish candy container. If you put in colorful candy like marble chocolate, the interior will be brightly colored in pop.

It is also good to reuse the lid of the bottle as it is, but even if you arrange the lid a little, it will be a bottle with a completely different atmosphere. It will be easy to arrange bottles of cosmetics and seasonings.


It is also recommended that you decorate in a herbarium style using a stylish transparent empty bottle. Real herbarium requires fresh flowers and special oil, but if you have free bottles, water, and artificial flowers, you can easily do it without spending time and money.

You can enjoy the beauty like underwater flowers at any time. It is also nice to change the color depending on the season.

Object to feel the season

It is an object that utilizes an empty bottle of rounded coffee jelly. Because the volume of the bottle is large, there is no sense of incongruity even if you put something slightly bigger like pine cones.

If you change the thing put in the bottle every season, it will become an object that can be enjoyed all season. You can produce a calm beauty even if you add dried flowers and potpourri.

Snow dome

You can also make a pretty snow dome by using transparent empty bottles such as jam. A full-fledged snow dome should be small in size and must be completely sealed, but it’s easy if there’s an empty bottle with a tightly closed lid.

Not only as an interior of the room, perfect for gifts such as birthdays and Christmas. It would be fun to make it with your child.

Spice container

It is recommended that the spice case is also good visual. When there are many spice bowls in the kitchen, it is an interior accessory and looks good. By the way, the spice case is practical enough. It looks good and it is convenient because it is easy to use.

“I’m not confident in my aesthetic sense.” “But I want to have a stylish interior.” For such people, a bottle on the market is recommended. You can also find fashionable and reputable bottles on the Internet. I will introduce some of them.

Jam bottle glass bottle .com cork bottle SWTB100 cork

Cork bottle SWTB100 cork 105 ml <45 ×=”” 40=”” ×=”” 15=””>-10 pieces set-

  • price¥ 1,805(As of 2019/03/27 00:08) Check details
    A simple clear glass bottle with a cork cap. Because it is a small size, it is perfect for putting jams and seasonings. It is also recommended to add homemade pudding and yogurt.

    It is a simple design so you can arrange labels or wrap strings as you like. You can buy them together and arrange them a lot to decorate them.

    Jam bottle glass bottle .com jam bottle WMM-35TC square

    Jam bottle WMM-35TC square ((lid) gold 43RTS-D)

  • price¥ 201(As of 2019/03/27 00:08) Check details
    A square-shaped palm-sized small bottle with a large round lid. As it is also specified for business use to sell jams etc., the lid is tightly closed, so it is also perfect for containing foods that dislike moisture.

    You can also make small objects by decorating them with a color or string. You will be able to arrange neatly even in a narrow space.

    Toss Dice Object Glass Bottle

    Toss Dice Object Glass Bottle ANTIQUE FINISHED MINI FLAT BOTTLE 10-9408

  • price¥ 378(As of 2019/03/27 00:08) Check details
    As it is a glass bottle for objects, it can be used for interiors without remake. Antique-style labels are perfect for producing a sober, stylish atmosphere.

    There are various ways of using it, such as vases and fragrances, and accessories. Fashionable even with wine, whiskey and other drinks.

    Living antique cookie jar

    Living Antique Cookie Jar 3L

  • price¥ 790(As of 2019/03/27 00:08) Check details
    It is a simple transparent glass bottle, but its shape is interesting, and it has a capacity of 3 liters, so it is suitable for storing various things. It is easy to decorate the inside of the jar as an empty jar arrangement, as it is easy to handle.

    It is also good to paste the bijou etc and make it an original accessory case. Because it is highly sealed, it is also perfect for storing food.

    If you just throw away the empty bottle after using it, it’s rubbish, but if you remake it with a little ingenuity, it will be transformed into a wonderful interior. Because you can easily remake just by painting a color or winding a string, even people who are not good at work can do it easily.
    Do you not arrange for the color and shape of the bottle, the size and challenge the creation of the original interior?

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