UNIQLO Super Mario from the T-shirt collection “UT” developed by (UNIQLO) motif “SUPER MARIO FAMILY MUSEUM” which appeared in appeared. It will be released at UNIQLO and online stores nationwide from April 1, 2019 (Monday).

Since “Super Mario Brothers” appeared in 1985, “Super Mario” has been loved by fans around the world through various series. In this collection, a number of playful items have been created that show respect for the same work that is loved by the fans of old and young as a pronoun of video games for a long time, and that the “UT” creates communication beyond generational boundaries. The

Familiar “B dash” command and a simple white T-shirt designed with a figure of Mario to dash, a pocket T-shirt whose pocket part is a total pattern of a killer, and a pink color printed on the front of a cute princess of 2D graphics T-shirt, polka dot pattern that hides Teresa if you look closely, there is a rich lineup in men’s, women’s and kids.

In commemoration of the collaboration, from March 29 (Fri) to the middle of April, “Super Mario” characters appear one after another on the LED outer wall of the UNIQLO Shinsaibashi store.

Also, if you buy this collection at each store, you will be presented with an original shopping bag designed by Mario to jump and big hatena blocks on each side, on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, from April 22nd, 2019 2020, the collection “Splatoon” UT, featuring the popular game “Splatoon”, also developed by Nintendo, is released.

This time, the design of “Judge-kun”, which was not in the past collaboration, appears for the first time. Items that are impressive in the colorful design of “ink” that symbolizes the game are developed in Mens & Kids.


Gene Robertson

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