This time, I will make a “shuriken” with origami. When I want to make cool-hearted shuriken with a slight difficulty. Even if one parts, if completed in 30 seconds, even if the parts do not break well, it is an easy way to complete it if you combine it. Why do not you join us and have fun playing with us?

· Origami (pattern etc as you like)

Firstly, fold it into a triangle. Then open once and fold it in triangle as well.

It is ok if folds of cross are made when opened.

Fold the top and bottom first according to the center line.

After that, fold the top and bottom according to the center line.

③ Fold along the center line

Next time, fold so that it fits at the center line.

④ Finished parts

Fold it to be half the length. This is the completion of one part.

⑤ Similarly make four

I will prepare four pieces that fold in the same way.

⑥ Combine

First of all, we combine parts like parts of images.

After that, combine the light blue parts so as to sandwich the green parts.

Put on the blue parts so as to sandwich the light blue parts, and insert the tip of the blue part into the yellow part so that it will be inserted.

⑦ It is completion

“Shuriken” made with Origami was completed. This shuriken is characterized by the two swaying swords that fly swiftly, which “flying while catching the wind” round and round. Like paper aircraft, you can enjoy the appearance of getting on the wind. Because it makes 4 pieces, it is fun to make original by color matching


The point of this time is “Combine parts”. Easy way to complete this part by combining it even if the folds are slightly off. It is a work of high completeness, although there is no difficult folding method. When creating with your child, “Fun to assemble and complete” seems to be useful for raising children “Origami” not only folds but also develops “creative power (imagination)” and “concentration” It is also useful as an educational toy. Please spend a fulfilling time by “shuriken” which you can actually fold and play

Gene Robertson

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