As the name of “Cord Keeper”, it looks as if you are biting a smartphone. Both softness easy to attach and hardness to prevent disconnection are compatible

In old days stickers and straps in the Garrage era, recent cases. In 2018, girls who dressed their smart hands with their hands finally extended their hands to the charging cable. One idea of ​​tailor-made breaking prevention goods to be cute animals, “Cable Bite” (Dreams) skipped the mega hit of cumulative sales exceeding 5 million.

Protect the iPhone’s charging cable, which is said to be easily broken, by attaching it to the plug portion. It appeared on the market in June 2005. Everyday without sounding a few months later, the days without flying continued, but suddenly “ignited” from the top of Twitter at the end of September 17.

One piece about 500 to 700 yen. As of early October, we released 36 series of 3 series. Arranged animals pretty.

A general student breakthrough of 300,000 good on what a cheap byte of photograph postings of any ceremony is 100,000 Retweet. It was cute and had practicality to prevent disconnection as well, girls were flooded and curves of sales number began drawing a sharp curve rising to the right.

Contribution continues from Twitter to the instagram of the story

The “consolidated” demand that connects a number of cable bytes to one is also lighted by SNS (exchange site). The series sold at the company’s site 12 series of sets sold out immediately.

The consolidation is extremely popular and people in bulk purchase successively

Despite not setting up a mass promotion, I will increase SNS to the main battlefield greatly from general user posting. It brought about a boom in the grassroots that seemed to be a product for young ladies.

“Ninoya” who did not end this with a transient boom is a collaboration with popular characters. From around February 18th, we launched a cable byte of characters such as “Kirby of the Stars”, “Pokemon (Pikachu)” (co-developed with Benelic), “ONE PIECE” (Bandai)

“Kirby of the Stars” (C) Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.
“ONE PIECE” (C) Ei Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji TV · Toei Animation







With a series of new works not to be bored, selling 3 million pieces only with collaboration products. In the 2017, it was about to say “hand over spinner that shocked the toy world slightly” (Kidde Land Harajuku store), it broke through 5 million marks in August 18.

Sales expanded at a stretch in 2018.

Recently mobile batteries have become widespread, charging has become outside. Taking such a change, it became a hit that caught the hearts of girls who want to pretend to be “fascinating” pretty in public.

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