Good morning.

Because the weekend was the birthday of my eldest daughter,
Celebrate with your family.
I love the sweet cake! It was said that ,
Because it was made to be dying late at night,
On the whole, it looks like something else. . .
What a sense of sleeplessness ….
If anything,
People who seem to have come out in front of the crowd rather than smug.

Shirokuma, mother who does not understand the difference between cats.
I’m sorry I’m getting something similar but not similar.
The chocolate plate will be trained more.
The yellow and light blue objects that are often messy are
I’ve tried it because she is the eldest daughter who likes yellow and light blue,
It has been halfway done.

Be 8 years old with early ones.
It was a pink tone when it was my lower daughter last month,
It is negotiated whether it can not be asked to make it my favorite light blue ,,,
Light blue.

By the way, the last pink is here.
Light blue comes with a thin sheet of paper.
It is late at night. (Lol)
The above eight balloons were sold at Daiso.
It’s cute but it’s 100 yen!
Due to the number sold out, 8 remained lucky.
That’s why, congratulations to my eldest daughter eight years old.
And the hard days of the body, after three consecutive holidays.
Good luck. . .

Gene Robertson

When I’m not writing about cute and kawaii things, I’m thinking about cute and kawaii things! I love anything that’s adorable and try my best to share all kinds of fun things on my blog that I hope you’ll like reading about!